Terms of Service

Registering with us or subscribing to our service means you agree to our Terms of Services. Kindly read these terms carefully to avoid any issues that may arise. Terms can be changed at any time with or without any notice.

Bannable Offenses

  • Running cryptocoin mining tools is not allowed.
  • Running programs which impacts the quality of service of other customers.
  • Insulting, threatening or otherwise being rude with staff members.
  • Seeding public trackers/torrents is not allowed.
  • Running programs that take up an unfair share of system resources.
  • Storage and/or distribution of child pornography is strictly forbidden.
  • Virus, Spyware, Malware, or any other infectious material, worms and trojan horses.
  • Using the (C:) drive for personal storage, it is not intended to be used for such, please use your own personal designated drive.
  • Opening a deal dispute without trying to solve your problems through our ticket system will result in immediate denial of service and revoke any possibility you may have of getting a refund.
  • Using VPN connection (on RDP) that changes our default connection (IP Address) is not allowed, doing so may get your account suspended.
  • Using E-mail spamming tools is strictly forbidden.
  • Hacking, Phising Sites, Cracking Programs, Gambling.
  • Cancelling your current services and re-ordering new services just to get promo discount is not allowed.
  • Support and Billing

    Please allow up to 24 hours for a support ticket to be answered before opening a new one. Generally, it should be answered within 30 minutes within working hours. All paid orders will be set up within 24 hours. Generally, it will be set up within 10 minutes within working hours. We do not take any responsibility for any data loss due to unexpected server outage or hardware failure. Hostdoze generates all invoices 15 days before the due date, pay your invoice till the due date.

    Invoice Generation: 15 days before the due date.

    Invoice Unpaid Reminder: 5 days before the due date.

    First Overdue Reminder: 1 day after the due date.

    Second Overdue Reminder: 2 days after the due date.

    Account Suspension: 1 day after the due date.

    Disallowed Tools / Programs / Activities

  • Anything that consumes higher CPU, RAM or network resources are not be accepted.
  • DDos Script like perl or Layer 7 or similar. Please ask if you do not understand this.
  • Any activities related with Botnets are disallowed on our server.
  • Usage of Encoding tools on Non-Encoding RDP plans is strictly forbidden.
  • Attacking, Spamming, abusing or anything generates report from service provider are disallowed or not be accepted.
  • Bandwidth Usage Policy

    All dedicated servers are provided with generous bandwidth limits as per the plans selected. Customers are requested to use these wisely. We reserve the right to review / amend / downgrade / upgrade / modify this allocation any time if we feel that this is affecting the server / network performance. Any customer reaching their bandwidth usage limit will have to contact the support team via ticketing system to have it increased. Do note that the customer will have to pay an extra cost to increase their bandwidth usage limit as per the plan selected. Customer support team will give you the specific details of these charges upon request.


    All cancellation requests must be sent 5 (five) days before the due date of the invoice. If you do not raise a cancellation request and are not paying the invoice as well, the due date is the server expiration date. The server will be wiped of all data due to customer privacy. Data on the server will be retained only if a cancellation request is received well in time.

    Backups and Data Loss

    Your use of this service is at your own risk. Hostdoze does not offer any backup service or maintain backups. Therefore, you are advised to take backup of your files regularly. Hostdoze does not take any responsibility for the data stored on your drive/account. You take full responsibility of maintaining appropriate backup of your files stored on Hostdoze's servers. Hostdoze is not responsible for any data loss caused due to any reason.


    All DMCA/Complaints will be forwarded to the respective users to deal with them, if a user doesn't take an appropriate action to resolve it, then his/her service will be suspended.

    Refund Policy

    We offer 24-hour money-back guarantee on all our RDP plans if a valid reason is given, but we do not offer any kind of refund on dedicated servers. You are no longer guaranteed a refund if you violate our TOS. Please allow up to 24 hours for the refund to be processed. The amount we have received from the sale will be refunded as full refund. We do not refund Paypal fees which we never received from the sale.